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Clues and answers for puzzles will be scattered throughout designated advertisements and landing pages, which will be released to the public on the official contest start day (guarded secret). The contest will have paid winners and over time aggragate winners will also be chosen for grand prizes.

Puzzles 4 Coupons

Timed coupons will be issued for successful completion of puzzles at linked web pages. Coupons for some items on this site will be issued for successful completion of online puzzles. More valuable coupons will be issued based on puzzle completion times. Links to timed contests will be included in emails when available.

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Site Credits
The items offered on the Puzzles 4 You site will be sold using Bitcoins & Litecoins. To ensure that all of the puzzle PDFs, solution PDFs & member upgrades will be available to everyone, we will be offering credits for use at the Puzzles 4 You site here.

To expedite the work on the Puzzles 4 You paid contests & website, submit this survey.  In order to justify putting more resources into development, we need to hear from you!  Just a few quick questions in our survey will help us tremendously.